“Nothing Human Is Alien To Me.”

My intention is to say what I need to say and add meaningful, thought provoking dialogue to the world of endless information and opinions. My views are sometimes naive but I have found that naivete has value and adds perspective.

Naivete comes from a place of uninterrupted and uncorrupted thought. It is seen in children as innocence and in adults as idealistic. I am idealistic. I believe the biggest issues facing the majority of the world are solveable through thoughtful discourse, the respectful interchange of ideas that are applied to not only our own decisions but used to effect policy. I believe there is a standard of right and wrong that can be contributed to what we know about how humans function and what is considered human flourishing.

I believe human flourishing should be the gold standard behind all political, sociological and spiritual discourse. In its absence we see turmoil, inequality of opportunity and representation and the ignorance behind racism, ageism, and all means of social bias.

The fact that we can as humans consider our own lives under a template of what the world imposes and see where we are left out, let in, and where we need room to flourish means we can see it for others. Others need what you need. We all need the same things. We can do better. All lives matter. Let’s begin.