African Americans and The Fictional Racism For Fictional Reasons Culture

We construct our social reality. That is a truth held by Psychologists and explained by Philosophers and scientists alike.

My first point on this air-tight reality is that racism as it is experienced by most is by and far more a perception that serves to validate a deep seated belief.

Dear Reader, when, if ever, in your life did you interpret your own behavior as a way  of claiming that your own race is superior to another and attempted to assert your domination? That is racism.  Unless you are doing that you are not racist. If you are, then you are a racist no matter what shade of beige you are.

With respect to African Americans and others, in America, Whites are being told that even though we don’t perceive we are racist due to our privilege and “white fragility, ”—don’t even get me started on the pointed language here—that it is there. In other words African Americans insist that even when racism cannot be recognized in any tangible way, and especially when it is denied, it exists because they say it does. However, claiming it is there does not make it true anymore than claiming it isn’t makes that true. Saying differently is called mind fucking in layman’s terms. It is the language of a master manipulator.

According to the African American community “whites” are responsible for the slave trade, for gang violence, for the high number of prison inmates being African American, for low school attendance and low test scores, for rap music and for the portraying the artists of rap music in a negative light, for there not being enough black Psychologists, doctors and lawyers or Opera singers. Basically being white makes you a lowly specimen, the lowliest of all races. They deny their own participation in slavery, the roots of slavery in Africa and its existence there today. They deny the self-made identity they have given to themselves here in America and claim the weight of this oppressive system they live in is beyond their ability to carry. They deny the route to the presidency by Barack Obama, and the successes of many Black Americans by framing those truths as anomalies, not the norm. They interpret the fact the fewer blacks are in any office, or position in any job as racism by a system controlled by a white oppressor and not being representative of living as a minority. Living as a minority is interpreted as racism. Getting pulled over for any reason, is interpreted as racism. Being asked by police what you are drinking in that paper bag is racism. And it goes even further, the fact that police can enforce laws against gang activity, against human trafficking, drug dealing and yes, even loitering, is all evidence of an oppressive system that does not give blacks room to live the way they choose and are all reasons to hate the white man, and women and children and probably dogs.

The attachment to this belief system effects African Americans and in turn other minorities who fall into their company, in numerous negative ways. The least of which is to continue to weave more narratives into the perception by simply making stuff up. You may be thinking, what is this crazy woman talking about. I’m talking about this:

My friend, a very devout Christian at the time, married a black man and of course in turn became part of his family. She confided in me something that was disturbing for her about this arrangement and in particular her father- in-law. Every Sunday after service the family went out to a meal together. Every time her father-in-law ordered he asked for the server to bring his meal on two plates, one stacked on top of the other. When the server returned with the meals she would set his down in front of him and inevitably the two plates made a clanking sound as they touched down on the table. Her father-in-law would react in outrage, accuse the server of racism and claim she did not want to serve him because he was black and white people don’t serve black people, etc. The server would apologize, try to explain, often was in tears, but he would hear none of it. Then a manager would come and comp their meals. Are you with me?

I thought, wow. Okay. That was unchristian behavior. What I didn’t know was how much further this narrative went to explain the modern black experience in America, one that they have created as a web of tales to contribute to the already available and possibly inaccurate or to say the least lacking in contextual accuracy, history on the Black experience.

There are many instances I am sure many can relate but here is one more from me as food for thought. A young Black woman was traveling with a group that included a friend of mine. On their way they stopped for snacks and she wanted grapes. When they got into the store standing in front of the grapes were two white women who were talking and not seeing her, they did not move. She left in a huff and all weekend kept bringing up that two white women at the grocery store would not let her have grapes because she is black <raised eyebrows>. Yep.

I was and am concerned about how racism against whites in many communities is getting stronger in the wake of current affairs. I related to an African American aquaintance that my uncle was working at a checkout counter in retail outlet recently and a Black man came in with a coupon but brought up the wrong product for it. My uncle explained it was the wrong product and offered to find him the right one; the man yelled it him, your racist, and threw a full sized fountain pop in his face. This woman I was speaking to said that the man had proably been dealing with racism all day and had just had enough. Not only did she feel it was perfectly acceptable under the circumstances but she could safely assume the man experiences racism all day, and I am thinking yep, like the women who were blocking the grapes, because your black, like when a man stops to tie his shoelaces in front of you, because your black, like when you get to the checkout line and there is a long line and you are at the back, because your black. Or here is one. How about the fact that the long line is full of white people and you have to see them, that is a special kind of racism called “white privilege,”

Let me give you some background on my experience as a white woman wholly ignorant to the depths racism can go, being myself of the belief it is horrible, a kin to the Holocaust and must be abolished at all costs.

When I worked for a printing shop there were many people of different nationalities who worked there. I worked mostly with one young man let’s call him Tuah, who was Hmong. His wife also worked there. I enjoyed their company and found him insightful, if not always kind, he seemed to be trying. One day we were put to work together on catching cards and he began telling me a story. He said he had gone to a party a while back—no specific time or place is given and no names–where there was a huge bonfire. The people at this party were all white, he emphasized, except him. They kept making the fire bigger and bigger. He told them to stop but they wouldn’t listen. Then, he said, suddenly the fire got out of hand and caught onto the house. The people at the party, all white he reminded me, made a long line in front of a hose and passed a little beer cup between them trying to put out the fire one little cup at a time. They did this for a while before Tuah, the only non-white person there, decided to call the fire department and save the day. I listened passively and said nothing of the implausibility of the story. Why not let him have it? But I was wondering why he felt the need to make up something like that, and even more, why tell it to me?

At the same place an African American woman, I’ll call her Yolanda, I worked with frequently gave me new insights as well. She made it her aim to shake me up in different ways. One way was to put me on a task I had never done, such as catching cards in the middle of a line, and turn the machine up as fast as possible so that it was impossible for me to keep up and everyone would have to stop while I cleaned up the cards that had fallen all over the floor and the machine. Then she would ask what my problem was. Tell me to go faster and scold me. Tuah finally explained to her it was not my fault and she should not turn the machine up so high. She said she was just trying to scare me a little bit and they laughed as if it was some inside joke. Again, I wondered about the nature of the joke, not just the occurrence. Where was this coming from?

She used to pick up my things and move them saying, what was I thinking putting my coat and purse on the chair or floor. It could fall or get stepped on. Then she would say, what would you do without me here. Who is looking out for you, Lisa? I’d say, you are Yolanda, and laugh. But this was not friendly repoire. This was something else. I felt it.

An African American man, whom we’ll call Sam, and I used to talk, he was pretty nice, by that I mean a decent man and good company. One day he asked me what I thought of a popular singer’s accusation that rap music was a government conspiracy against Blacks. I told him that was unlikely, unless he thought the music was written by someone other than the artist and then that these people  were forced against their will to perform. He said yeah, it sounds crazy. But that wasn’t the last time I heard that particular accusation against the “white establishment”. Funnily enough I also get the impression I am not supposed to know about that.

One day Yolanda approached me while I was putting together some wooden crates. She started yelling at me that I was doing it wrong. She said that I always think I know how to do something and never check first to see if there is a better way. I told her I was told what to do and left with the tools to do it on my own. She said I should have asked someone. Why work harder when you can work smarter she yelled (that was her favorite saying). She was furious at me and went on and on. Sam walked by and called her over to talk to him telling me to just keep going, it was fine. I overheard her explain she was just trying to scare me a little bit, the same words she said to Tuah, and he said she needed to stop before someone heard her. She argued with him that this is what she is doing and there is nothing wrong with it. Then I got it. I was meant to be portrayed and treated as a dumb white girl. But there is more. I was meant to feel it, to feel that I am inferior; that I can be oppressed and controlled, not to trust myself. I was meant to feel scared of black people and vulnerable to them. That was her intent. Does that sound like a bowl full of crazy to you? Me too. It is the same tactic a horribly abusive boyfriend used to try to control my feelings and actions. I honestly never thought I would experience it again in my life.

Since then I have reflected back and thought that what I experienced there was extraordinary, and I blew it off. Then I became involved as an advocate for an SCD group. They are as vulnerable as vulnerable gets. A minority within a minority. My bleeding heart was sucked right in as soon as I saw their beautiful faces. But it wasn’t long before I started to hear the same long standing narrative about the whites of the world, the enemy of all that is good and pure. I was even told all whites view blacks as slaves and will never see them as anything else. I heard more of the establishment talk, the policies specifically meant to keep the black man down. You know, the way that rap music is a government plot against the black community. I wonder how they got Dr.Dre to agree to their terms?

Then suddenly we have seen an explosion of Blacks in the news. Trayvon Martin jumped an unsuspecting Zimmerman from behind, sat on his chest and continually punching him, threatened his life. He was shot in the altercation. The media portrayed Trayvon as an innocent child who was targeted because he was black and wearing a hoody. The public jumped all over this for several reasons. One, because “whites” hate racism. They root for the underdog. They hate stigma and they hate injustice and are by default, extremely apologetic. And Blacks, well any reason to stick it to a non-black and stand up for one of their own is good enough for them.  What they failed to see was the boy they were making a martyr was in the wrong and George Zimmerman is now a pariah due to their negligence in getting the truth and seeing things objectively. They are not fighting for justice but against it because they emotionally reacted without getting the facts and because in their eagerness to promote how unjust the world is for blacks they demonstrated misplaced loyalty on the side of violence and hatred instead of what was right.

Then Michael Brown attacks a store clerk, takes what he wants without paying, then is seen walking down the middle of the street with a friend (code in gang land for I am looking for a fight), an officer, seeing the position those men were taking in their community, asked them to get off the street. Michael attacks the officer and tries to get his gun. Failing to do so, he tells the officer to move along (Imagine yourself doing that. What state of mind would you have to be in?).  The officer knowing his duty and meeting the challenge gets out of his car. Michael charges him and is shot. Another martyr for the media, a new “white” villain and the NAACP is making out big in lawsuits.

Now the public is primed for what is coming. Movements are started and people are marching in the streets. Many protesters are taking the opportunity to destroy property and steal. What a deal. Michaels dead and the Johnsons get a new T.V. In the meantime gang members are waiting on the side lines to shoot police and rap stars are singing Cop Killer (by Ice T, who gave it away for free as a single) over the radio and Kill Whitey (Menace Klan) is blaring through the streets and windows of America and fuck the police is spray painted on walls and mailboxes. Does anyone see a problem with this?

I was given an invitation to be a “black ally” by a woman I was discussing “white privilege” with. In order to do so I needed to admit that I was part of a privileged class of people who was inherently racist but prepared to change my evil ways and let her tell me who and what I am. Does that sound out there to you? An ally is usually a state occupied by those who are cooperating in military business, right?

I am saying as intelligent people with foresight and access to the cognitive processes of your mind this should be sounding alarms through your head as loud as a train whistle.

People are just going in. They jump on the nearest bandwagon and salute their partners. Down with the establishment! Only whites are failing to see that THEY are the establishment to Blacks. They are so blind to true racism by being manipulated for so long that they cannot see what is right in front of their faces. The propaganda is very pointed. For example: A meme cycling through Facebook that says, “How can a white person have black friends and still be racist? Easy. The same way serial killers can have friends that are still alive.” Ba da bump. In other words whites are the equivalent to serial killers. Get the picture? A white girl posted this on my page. I had to tell her it was racist propaganda, she had no idea!

I suggest if you do have any real Black friends you start having some honest discussions. It isn’t easy. I tried. You have not seen cognitive dissonance until you tell a black person you are not racist. It is such a foreign concept to them and hatred of whites so ingrained it makes their head explode to hear otherwise.

There are whites out there feeling superior with their philosophy about understanding how racism is deeply ingrained in whites, the white privilege argument, after all slavery was practiced here, the whole kit and caboodle. You have been blind-sided my friend, mind fucked. White people are not responsible for the slave trade. They didn’t kidnap blacks and bring them here. The slaves were sold to them by people looking for a sale. Whites were sought out as customers. The slaves sold were obtained through tribal wars and people who were considered worth selling were sold while the rest were killed.  If they were slaves here they were slaves there. Only a small percentage of Americans ever had enough money or status to purchase slaves and at one point some of them were black. No. We didn’t start it, but we ended it. And not against our will.

That’s right. Whites were the first to begin to take action against slavery. They considered it unchristian and many whites risked their own lives and livelihoods fighting against any trace of it. It was not and is not our way, so stop apologizing. It was the African way, and Indian way and Muslim way, the way of the Portuguese, not the white Americans way. In fact slavery is so ingrained in the African American heritage it could be why so many participate in human trafficking here, you know, pimping. Ever wonder why pimping is such a popular topic with Blacks in music and tattoos and activity? Even in some names; P. Diddy, or Pimp Daddy? Trust me, you don’t know the half of it.

Does this sound conspiracy theorist crazy to you? Do you think at one point someone in Germany stopped and thought, wait, is he trying to get me to hate Jewish people? Is he trying to convince me my Jewish friends are actually incapable of being my friends? If you want some real insight into how deep this goes consider the way Hitler convinced a great number of people that Jews were an enemy to the good of the nation. After carefully pointing out certain traits to look for and then defining them in a specific framework it was easy to control the conclusions people made about the Jews in Germany. All signs appeared to point to one conclusion. That is what the Black community is doing and has done for years. Blacks are taught that everything white people do is a personal attack on them, that they are evil, ignorant, oppressive, black people slaving monsters. If you want some real insight into how the Holocaust could have possibly happened listen in to the Black narrative about whites, the only pure enemy of the country, and in turn the whole world. Hell! They have even convinced some white people!

I will be concluding this discussion now and continuing it further another day. I am studying African American Psychology and I have more specifics to add to expand on how well trained they are in this philosophy and the horrible consequences it holds for all of us.

Thanks for reading! I hope I have given you some food for thought.


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